Need info on how to attach felt to tanned bear hide

Submitted by Cade(SC) on 9/10/01. ( )

i was lucky enough to harvest a black bear in maine last week and the hide is being handle by a taxidermist that is in the area. when i get the hide back i would like to have some felt attached to the bottom. how is this done and where can i get some info?



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Let your taxidermist handle it.

This response submitted by John C on 9/10/01. ( )

What amount of money are you tring to save? You will spend that so called savings a tempting to run down the materials.

You will need padding, then felt, it is better to put 2 complete layers of felt on the good stuff is about $12.00 per yard, then you are going to have to cut pleats in the hide in the leg pit areas and sew them up after sweating the hide to relax it, you will need a large table 8 X 8 with one inch squares marked on it, so you stretch it evenly then trim so that it is a mirror image of the sides. Now you have everything in place pinned down, hide dried anf you are ready to sew the ffelt and backing down, three layers of cloth plus leather will wear your fingers and thumb out. You could go to a upholstry shop and hire them to sew everything on once you have it tacked down. 3days of your time at a minumim.

So whats your time worth?

I estimate you will spend about $300.00 plus your time.

Or you can have him mount the head and Send it off to be rugged and get superior quality.

VanDykes carry a fair line of rugging inventory 1-800-843-3320.

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