how many hides in a pickle

Submitted by chris on 9/10/01. ( )

i will be useing saftee acid and was wondering if i cound put a two hides in the pickle at the same time.

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This response submitted by Dave Toms on 9/10/01. ( )

Just make sure you mix enough up so that all surfaces come in contact. The more hides, the more acid you mix up (just keep the formula the same i.e. ph correct). I normally run mine through in batches of 5.


Two is O.K.

This response submitted by Alan on 9/10/01. ( )

I also use Saftee Acid. It works great butis more unstable than say Formic Acid, which I also use when it is handy and cheap. You can put two, three, four, five, however many you wish as long as you mix up enough to cover all the hides. The only thing you must remember is to add them slow. By this I mean dont throw all of them in at one, wait about an hour. Also after you add three or four wait till the next day, check your PH, and make sure it has not risen above 2.0. I usually start my PH (on Sfatee Acid) at about 1.0. That way when it does rise it will not exceed 2.0. The good thing about Saftee Acid is that it will not burn the hides at a PH below 1.0. Most acids like formic may. So if your Ph is below 1.0, dont worry, it will rise. If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me at 501-679-7887. I will be more than happy to help, Good Luck, Alan Johnson (Outdoor Decor Taxidermy)

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