comercial tanned bears-a grease pile!

Submitted by BW>jenkins on 9/15/01. ( )

our local tannery once again has sent tanned bears back dripping with oil.turn time was an amaizing 40 days! question is,these are all to be rugged,where do we pull in for a oil change?

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Your sawdust Drum!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/15/01. ( )

Use your Drum - and hopefully you have one! Get some "Odorless Mineral Spirits" (called Paint Brush Cleaner in our hardware stores) and sawdust. Place the sawdust in your Drum, mix in the OMS, enough so that it just about lets you make a snowball (usually 1 Qt. to 50 Lbs. of sawdust) - then throw in your skins and run them for about 20 minutes - then let them rest in it for another 20 minutes and pull them out. DONT LET THEM IN ANY LONGER! After pulling them - blow them out and they should be clean.

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