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Submitted by Duane on 9/18/01. ( )

A hide that is wet or dry tanned. is it always tanned. what I'm trying to say is if I took A hide that was wet tanned or dry tanned and washed it in cold water and put it in the refrigerator lets just say A month will the slip or ones its taned it will never slip thanks for the input.

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 9/19/01. ( )

Here's my thought:

A tanned hide that is wet or dried, washed in water and then placed in a fridge for a month should probably slip somewhat. The reason I'm saying this is that any hide should not be wet and just refrigerated for a month. The epidermis is wet and then water will lay in certain spots. Well, these spots make the epidermis soaked and then this will create your hair slippage. It will not be from bacteria but from any overly wet areas.

A tanned hide will not slip if it's taken care of properly. If you get a wet tan hide from the tannery, then you should do one of three things:
1 mount the hide

2 freeze it till your ready

3 you can leave it in the fridge for about three days with no ill effect.

You have to remember that slippage is caused by bacteria growth. This takes place during the whole process prior to salting the hide. Bacteria is on the mammals at all times but does nothing to cause slippage on living mammals (there are times it does) till it dies. Once the animal becomes deceased bacteria growth does take place. Now it's up to you or your client to have the animal processed as soon as possible. This way your chance of having slippage is almost nil.

Now I'm sure Bruce will have more if not better insight on this.

It's kinda like taking a lonnnnng bath!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/19/01. ( )

To allow a cape to lay in a Frig that long is simply asking for trouble! Any cape! Any Tan! You should be aware that bacteria aren't the only reason capes slip! Over soaking - strong alkalines - heat - they all also contribute to slippage!

As a comparison - when you sit in the tub taking a bath for a long time, you'll notice that your skin (your epidermis) becomes very wrinkly and loose. The same thing happens on a skin laying in its own fluids or wetness for a long time. Its actually softening and in the case where its not live skin, its beginning to pulp and break-down! Slippage occurs next!

Don't frig it! Freeze it - if you dont have time to work on it right away!

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