Submitted by mark on 9/21/01. ( )

I have a salting question. When you salt a hide, how much do you use?
mound it up on the hide or just a little to cover the skin?
thanks in advance

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Get down and dirty!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/21/01. ( rittel@mindspring )

Rub it in! Put gloves on if your bare hands are a problem - but I usually pour it on in a mound and then using my hands - spread it around the hide, making sure to rub it in all the flesh areas. Dont make this a prolonged process - but be sure to cover the entire skin. When you are done - the skin should appear to have a 1/8" covering of salt over-all. The importance is to get it into the flesh so it can drain out the undesirable fluids and temporarily stabilize it as it dries.

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