What happens if a pelt is not tanned?

Submitted by Amy on 9/24/01. ( amyritchie101@yahoo.com )

I have a question...

What happens if you mount an animal, and you don't do anything to tan it?

For instance, before I learned about how to tan, I mounted a rat. Right after I skinned it, I salted it heavily. After the salt had soaked in, I went right on with mounting it, and that was it.
I am keeping the rat in a glass case in my room, so no bugs or anything can get to it. I know, since it was not tanned, that it will not last forever, but will it at least last a good while, under these good conditions?

From now on I am going to tan my pelts, though -- I just ordered EZ-Tan, Safetee acid, and tanning oil today!


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It should

This response submitted by Dan K on 9/24/01. ( furandhide@papadocs.come )

Kept in a sealed glass case, away from any chance of bugs getting to it, I would say it should stay just like it is for quite a long while. I had a salt dryed deer hide on my wall for 7 years without any deteriation of it. (or bugs).
Dan K

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