Easy tan

Submitted by Art on 9/25/01. ( )

Can anyone advise of a product or products out there that
make it fairly easy to tan deer capes at home?

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This response submitted by Mark on 9/26/01. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

We offer the most successful and best selling tans on the market.
Liqua Tan is very easy to use and produces a great tan. This product has
simple instructions and has been used for over 20 years.
We will be glad to send you or anyone free technical booklets if you
email me your address. You can use our Pre Tan #110 or an acid pickle
prior to shaving and thinning the skin, neutralize then rinse and drain
then apply Liqua Tan. We have over 20 dealers across the states and they
all suggest the use of Liqua Tan. You may contact us personally for
technical support and help.


E-Z 100

This response submitted by Brandon on 9/26/01. ( laughlinb87@yahoo.com )

I have tried almost every chemical out there and i have found that ez 100 is best I have found.Liqua tan works well also but i liked ez 100 better.

LUTAN FN gives excellent results.

This response submitted by Ret Soor on 10/5/01. ( retsoornj1@hotmail.com )

I have found that LUTAN FN gives excellent, safe, sure results. It provides soft, stretch and quality skins with very good hair hold.
You can obtain LUTAN FN from all good suppliers, even if they push their own replacements. Remember, they are only replacements. The cost difference is so minimal in the total cost of a quality skin, that to take the chance with less just doesn't make "cents".
If you can't find a supplier who carries LUTAN FN (made by BASF), call SENTRY/Custom Services at -1-800-868-1454. They are direct producers of "Wet End" tannery chemicals and are Exclusive Distributors for BASF leather chemicals in the U.S. SENTRY can point you in the direction of suppliers that carry LUTAN FN. Regards to all Taxidermists. Ret.

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