Necker Knife

Submitted by Joe P on 9/27/01. ( )

The Necker Fleshing Knife is featured in the Van Dykes catalog. The product description does not state if this knife is double edge, i.e. sharp on the concave and convex sides. Has anyone used this knife and what is your opinion about it? Also is this knife double edged?

Joe P

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This response submitted by CUR on 9/27/01. ( )

Sharp on the convex edge as shown. Make you own. I have a Forschner fish knife that was ground at the tip to form a shaft and is fitted with a second handle. Razor sharp and stainless. A simpler fix is to just form and fit a second handle to the tip of a quality steak knife. They work well, at least in my opinion. I made my knife before I saw the one in the catalog. The Forschner cost double the Van Dyke price, making it a bargain if it is quality might inquire at Van Dyke's customer service to find out the type of steel used in the product listed.

Necker Knife

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply on 9/27/01. ( )

Hello Joe,
The Necker Knife has a nice sharp edge on both sides of the blade.
Its made of a high quality steel and "Will not Rust"!
If you have questions on it, feel free to call me at (1-800)843-3320 ext.105
Have a great day to all,

Got one

This response submitted by Linda C on 9/27/01. ( )

Hi Joe,I bought one of these from VanDykes about 6 years ago,use it every day almost and find it very easy to use.Both edges are sharp.Only problem I ever had was one handle came loose and a little epoxy took care of that.

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