air dried seal skins

Submitted by Mark Cheyne on 9/28/01. ( )

I received a couple of air dried seal skins for tanning. Using oxalic acid then lutan in the process. Is there any special steps involved in the relaxing process? Are there any quirks doing seal skins that may vary from whitetail hides?

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Yes! Definitely!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/29/01. ( )

Yes - Seals are particularly fatty and require that you use an Acid Bate in your pickle to remove a lot of the un-disolvable fats that will not be removed by regular degreasing. Also - in relaxing - use a commercial relaxing agent like our Rittels Ultra-Soft (US-609)! I used US-609 very successfully on air dried Sealskins in Alaska. We would put the Seals in at 5 PM before leaving, and pull them out soft at 10 AM the next day. Dont use any salt or bacteriacide!

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