Frozen Bear Hide Not Fleshed!

Submitted by Chad on 9/29/01. ( )

I am a beginner and a friend brought me a frozen bear hide and told me it was good practice. I ordered the rug making video from Van Dykes but it never explained the method for a frozen, unsalted hide. I am going to use the Pickling crystals from Van Dykes. My question is, Do i need to salt it after I unthaw it and flesh it or can I put it in the pickle right after I flesh it? Thank you for your help. Chad

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Flesh first

This response submitted by Paul on 9/29/01. ( )

Chad, use same procedure as you would a deer hide thats frozen. First thaw, flesh red meat, turn eyes, nose, lips and ears than double salt. After pickleing, shave hide, degrease, than tan.

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