De-Hairing Deer

Submitted by Christian on 9/30/01. ( )

Can you guys give me a recipie for a de hairing salution that I can use for a deer hide that I have.
Thank you!


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Lime it!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/30/01. ( )

Your best bet is to use Lime to dehair. But - be careful - make sure you buy the quick acting "Hydrated Lime" and not the types used for lawns. After relaxing your skins, place them in the Lime solution and allow them to soak for 7-9 days before checking them. They will be ready to pull out when the hair falls off "at the touch"! Dont pull them too soon - its better that once pulled, you completely remove the hair and epidermal layer in one operation. This is caled "scudding" - using a fleshing beam and a two handled dull fleshing knife. Be careful during scudding not to cut or scar the smooth grain side as you remove the hair.

To mix the lime solution - mix 8 Ozs. of Lime to every 1 gallon of water used to completely submerge your skins.

After Liming - you will have to first soak the skins in water to dilute and remove the excess Lime - and then soak them for 24 hours in a "Deliming" solution to "kill" the Lime. If you dont - the Lime will continue to work on the fibers and weaken them. I recommend using our Rittels Deliming mixture which includes a Bate to remove fats from within the fibers - or you can simply use Ammonium Sulphate. Rittels carries both. Simply contact us by clicking on our E-Mail address above or go to our website at:

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