Help! freezer quit.

Submitted by Groho on 10/11/01. ( )

Had a freezer go down over the summer, everything compleatly thawed. Not sure for how long but long enough to stink. I checked a few birds feathers seemed tight.I gently checked some of the fured critters in a few spots might be ok.Everything was switched to another freezer.My question is, some of the capes & furs are green unfleshed lips unsplit ect.I know by the smell I'am going to have some serious bactiera problems when I go to re thaw & flesh. should I try to flesh while partialy frozen & get put in pickel? any help out there? thanks in advance!

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This response submitted by Old Fart on 10/11/01. ( )

I have saved a couple capes that came in with a bad oder, by soaking them in denatured alcohol before completing the fleshing. I don't know how far gone they have to be before this doesn't work, but it is worth a try.

how long?

This response submitted by groho on 10/12/01. ( )

how long do you soak them for? should I alternate between fleshing & soaking? I've got a coulple of deer capes & a full coyote skin I'am espiecaly worried about. I guess in my way of thinking if I can kill the bactiera while its thawing I should be able to head off the hair slipping problem right? thanks for responding Old Fart. Groho

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