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Submitted by David M. on 10/13/01. ( )

I have commercial taxidermy business and have experimented with various methods of "tanning". I am looking for the best tan for the best product and so far started using Saftee Acid along with Lutan-F. My question is what exactly, by this I mean chemical process, does Lutan-F do? When you pickle a skin you can tell by how it turns white and plumps up. I can't see what Lutan-F does, or should I. Next question is what does the term acid shock mean? I know it occurs when your hide is not properly neutralized, but how can you tell acid shock occurs? Next question is where do most of you guys get your salt. I am using a mixing salt from Morton that I get from a local feed store. Is that O.K. My last and final question before I shut up. I know you can use Saftee acid over a couple of times as long as the acid content is o.k., but can you use the Lutan-F over, and if so how many times before discarding? If I have any more I guess I'll put another post on. Thanks

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commercial tanning

This response submitted by matt on 10/14/01. ( )

Top Flo non-iodized salt is good, its available at feed stores. Personally i think for a one man business or a busy business commercial tanning in the long run saves money because it saves time.
wilderness fur dressers in Ronkonkoma NY is very good.

What does Lutan F do?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/15/01. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

When you ask what does Lutan F do - I can only say it chemically bonds to the fibers and stabilizes them so the skin doesn't rot. You should also see a white skin after oiling, drying and softening, when you tan with Lutan F (N). Unlike pickling, which only temporarily protects the skin - tanning is more permanent.

Acid Shock - I think you really mean "Alkaline Shock"! That is what is referred to when you place an acidic (like a pickled one) skin into an alkaline solution to neutralize it. There is always some shock associated with doing this, and especially when its over-done. If you neutralize using a seperate solution - never neutralize fur and hair-on skins longer then 30 minutes. If you do over-do it, usually it weakens the epidermal areas around the eyes, nose and inner ears. When you mount the skin, these areas may be weak and slip on you.

As for Salt - I get mine at our local Agway Grain Store. Its a mixing Salt like yours. Works good!

As for re-using your Tanning solution - DON'T! Because you use so little salt in it, its difficult to know how much to add. Too much salt will cause your tanned skins to weep in high humidity. I wouldnt do it.

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