Ever use this company?

Submitted by Patrick D. Rabine on 10/15/01. ( pr338@hotmail.com )

Has anyone ever used the company (tanning for taxidermy)?

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Tanning for Taxidermy--good tanner

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 10/16/01. ( mhoney@mindspring.com )

I have used others but now only Tanning for Taxidermy. Ron is excellent to deal with and you can always get him on the phone if you have a question and unlike some he seems genuinly glad to get your business. My capes come back well shaved and stretch nicely and bears are BEAUTIFUL! Beavers are soft supple very nice- no stiffness. Pricing is reasonable and quality is great but turnaround time is the biggie and Ron can do it. Now everybody send your stuff and I'll be complaining how long it takes to get stuff back. Good tanners that stand behind what they do are what we all need and that's what you get here. Sounds like I'm a fan or employee but I'm just a humble stay-at-home taxidermist that appreciates the good service I get from Tanning for Taxidermy. Try a few pieces with Ron and you will not be disappointed.--Aaron Honeycutt

Great guys

This response submitted by Paul on 10/16/01. ( paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

I meet Ron and his partner at the Garden State show this past July. Great guys, even took a tour of their tannery. Should have no problems. I'll be sending them some work as soon as I get enough capes together....Paul


This response submitted by Robert Kennedy on 10/19/01. ( www.reprofish@aol.cpm )

They do good work.This isn't something you can find out through someboby else. Ship them a few skins and give them a try. They done my skins for the last two years and I have had no problems. Remember garbage in ,garbage out.

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