Drying Capes before tanning

Submitted by Rick on 10/16/01. ( rbusse@woh.rr.com )

Is it necesary to completely salt dry a deer cape before you start your tanning process? Also, why roll the the cape up instead of laying out flat when the salt is applied? Thanks for your help

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This response submitted by Big Al on 10/16/01. ( )

It is not necessary to completely dry a cape (rock hard if thats what
you mean here),unless you were planning on storing it
(outside your freezer)until ready for tanning and it is wrong to
roll up anything when salting!
This is the second posting I've seen recently referring to "rolling
up" a cape. Someone is giving bad advice!
The archives will have a wealth of info on the reasons for salting
and how it pertains to the tanning process.

Lay it flat

This response submitted by Paul on 10/16/01. ( paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

I to have read articles stating to roll up capes when salting in catologes and magazines. Fuilds can't drain that way. Lay it flat on an incline and salt heavely. Your also better off drying them hard, sets hair. THere has been many posts on this subject.

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