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Could anyone help me with a safe but effective pickle. I have always used comercial tanning, but would like to try a few home tans to be a little more cost effective and have a faster turn around. I have done some reading about the use of safe-tee acid and liqua tan, but do not have a effictive recipe, (ph. leves, soak time ect.). If anyone has some experiance with this and could share it with me I would be greatful. I do mostly wt.deer, black bear, bobcats and small animals.

Thanks, Jeff

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Rittels Citric Acid pickle.
Probably a ton more info in archives.

Safe-tee Acid

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Jeff, I have been using Safe-tee acide and I am extremely happy with the results. Very easy to use with great results.

Correction.....not good at typing

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Check search menu

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type in Safty acid, plenty of info. I know I answered a few.

Also check Bruce Rittel

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one pound of salt,0.5 ounce safety acid, one gallon of water. Need approx. 4 gallons per deer cape. Soak three days keeping ph below 2, check twice daily, then shave, degrease, return to pickle for another 24 hours, neutrialize than tan.


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Recipe may vary

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I just went through a learning experience doing just this. Saftee acid is a very good acid to use but there are some variations that may affect you pickle, believe me I learned. Number one I feel keeping everything clean is a must. Wash you capes twice before putting in the pickle. Once after fleshing (prior to salting)and once after salting just before you drop you capes in the pickle. Now the directions or general rule is use 4 gallons per cape. This may cause problems depending on where you are from. My first time I put three capes in 12 gallons of water with 6 oz. of saftee acid, and 12 lbs of salt. Just like the directions said. However I couldn't hold the ph where I wanted. It keep jumping up and guess what, bacteria. I called and called for answers as to why my ph wasn't stable when it should be. Finally Phil Helms fom McKenzie found my problem. I am from Illinois and all the deer I mount are basically large with lots of hair. My acid was soaking up in my hides faster than I could put it in. Phil told me that if he has two large deer he puts them in 15 gallons of pickle. That's right 7 1/2 per hide, not four. Then add the rest accordingly. Fifeteen pounds of salt, and 7 1/2 oz. of saftee acid. Remember for TWO large capes, not three. If you live in the southern US or your deer are smaller in weight four may work for you. After I changed my recipe everything worked out great! Never added the first dab of acid. ph levels were stable, etc. Finished the capes off with Lutan-F and Liqua Soft. They turned out great. Remember cleanliness. Don't reuse salt, wash capes twice, maybe three times or until clear. This will able you to reuse your pickle as long as the ph is good. You may or will have to add a little acid on your next batch. I use mine two to three times, 6 capes, then discard. DONT FORGET THE BACTERIACIDE! Anyway I hope this helps. Check the archives as well for more info. The reason I wrote this is because I didn't find this type of info when doing my research.

6 gallons

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Dave is right, I meant to type 4 to 6 gallons of solution. I would never wash or wet a raw cape before salting, you want to dry out a cape as soon as possible, a chance of slippage can occur later. Do all washing, degressing after pickleing. Acid, salt, water are cheap, if its dirty, disgard it and mix a new batch.

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