HELP! Need to Tan Salted Hard Red Deer Cape from Argentenia

Submitted by Dan Peterson on 10/18/01. ( )

I have to mount a Red Stag which was taken in Argentenia. The cape was apparently salted and is dried and very hard. The skinning job appears to be OK but hard to tell because I have not hydrated it yet. The ears and lips look to be split and turned. The animal was killed almost a year ago and finally arrived, several delays in "Customs" due to various reasons. It appears to have the same antlers and hide as an elk, but just a little smaller. I think it can be tanned like any other salted hide, but I never mounted an animal from across the pond so I don't want to wreck the cape. Also, any help on where to find a good form would also be appreciated. Looking for suggestions from someone who has mounted "exotic" animals. Thanks a lot, Dan.

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When in doubt...

This response submitted by George on 10/18/01. ( ) it up as is and send it to your tannery with a note telling them it's the way you received it. These exotic animals from far away places aren't worth the worry and aggravation of maybe screwing the pooch over. Send it out. You'll sleep better.

I too would send it to a reputable tannery......

This response submitted by Kristoph on 10/19/01. ( )

rather than risk loosing it. There's a wealth of forms available, precision [now McKenzie] has some nice wall and pedestals as does research and many other suppliers. Most of the Red Stags I've mounted were from "Whack a Pet" game farms and were probably mutts, you'll probably have an easier time with the fit with a true Red Stag. Good Luck. May I recommend detachable antlers as you'd do on an elk or caribou, makes everyone's life easier....

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