resoaking cougar

Submitted by D Ferguson on 10/18/01. ( )

I soaked a cougar to tan and put it in the pickle. It does not seem fully rehydrated, and my question is, can I resoak the skin to make sure it is rehydrated and then repickle? It is not plump enough to even shave right now.Thanks for any help.

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This response submitted by ratskinner on 10/19/01. ( )

did you put it in the pickle if it was'nt rehydrated? Honestly, I've done this myself from time to time. Cougars are somewhat greasy and that could be a factor. Greasy skins are sometimes slow to rehydrate. You might try the following: Neutralize the skin as you would prior to placing in tanning solution, degrease with your favorite degreaser, rinse well, place back in the pickle. That should loosen it up.

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