wild boar and liqua-tan pros/cons

Submitted by jim on 10/22/01. ( )

This is my first wild boar and the only method of tanning I have ever used is liqua-tan. Will this method be ok to use on my project. Also how can I tell that I have taken enough of the shield off the boar.

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This response submitted by ROB COATES on 10/22/01. ( rc5766@gisco.net )

we run a wholesale boar shop, we tan and or mount raw capes for people all over the country all our capes are tanned with liqua-tan. dont have problems with shrinkage. when the cape is a uniform thickness, down to the hair roots, the shield is thin enough. it must be fleshed as thin as the rest of the cape or you are just asking for problems down the road

Works great

This response submitted by MARK on 10/23/01. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Liqua Tan will work fine, just make sure that you use a good degreaser
on it, our most concentrate is Super Solv. Degrease for about 2-3 hours.
Then finish with the rest of the process.



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