Dried hide to tanning... how?

Submitted by Thaddeus Bissett on 10/23/01. ( tgb6469@garnet.acns.fsu.edu )

I'm in the process of beginning to tan a dried whitetail hide. I want to do it myself, and it doesn't have to be in a condition (when finished) for mounting - I'm intending to use it for some primitive technology-type stuff. My question would be, how would one of you guys go about the various steps?

Thanks for any help!

- Thaddeus

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 10/23/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

Just click on his web site and you can find all of your answers there.

Knoblochs Step By Step instuction booklet

This response submitted by Mark on 10/24/01. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Anyone can email me their address and I'll be glad to send them
tanning proceedures for free. You can choose your own mehtods
and read how to. We have 27 dealers across the US so more than likly
threre's one close to you. I'm always here so you can contact me
if you have any questions. We also have this ONLINE AT www.knoblochs.com

Mark Daniels


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