Question on Liqua Soft.

Submitted by David M. on 10/23/01. ( )

I have been getting into tanning pretty heavy and have asked several questions recently. My next question is on the tanning oil. After tanning for 24 hours in Lutan-F I know there has to be oil added. Proplus, Liqua Soft has been recommend. I went ahead and picked Liqua Soft first, will try Proplus later. Anyway I was told to mix the Liqua Soft 1 part oil, 2 parts water, as in the directions of Proplus. I did that and it seems to be a little watery to me. Is this correct or does anyone else do this? Another question is what is the difference between Lutan F and Lutan FN? My last question of the day, and this is an unusual one. I have been to many taxidermy shops and competitions. Alot of the "high quality" mounts have a distinct odor, (good), to the mounts. It's obvious that they are using the same product. I have been doing some tanning lately but still cannot achieve that odor. Does anyone know what this is? Mr. Rittle I'm sure can help me!

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Liqua Soft and Tanning oil #1

This response submitted by Mark on 10/24/01. ( )

Hi David

The Liqua Soft is a great oil, however we do not mix water with the oil
but if you want to thin the oil you can use some mineral spirits or
safty solvent. Water can have some different effects on the skin
and may affect the softness. Our other oil that is becoming very popular
is our Tanning oil #1, it too can be thinned with safty solvent, by
1/4 (1 qt solvent to 3 qt oil) This oil has a very high residual value
and will stay in the skin very well. The odor you may be smelling from the
other skins could be one of our other products added to the sawdust drum
our sprayed on, you can be smelling our HAIR SHEEN OR Finishing Deodorizer,
We do have a new product this month called DRUMMING DEODORIZER.
These products are like most of our other products and are very concentrated.



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