Oiling skin again?

Submitted by Keith on 10/2/01. ( )

I just tanned a deer hide with liqua-tan and then used liqua-soft.I let dry just a little and broke the hide. The tan looks fine,but it is not very flexible and it feels really dry. Can I oil it again with some more Liqua-soft,let dry some,and break again? I really worked the hide good over a half-moon metal stake! Please help!Thank You!

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This response submitted by Dan K on 10/2/01. ( furandhide@papadocs.com )

It sounds like the hide is a little too thick or you let it get away from you. (Dryed too much) But, yes, thin down the liqua-soft with about 1/3 to 1/2 water, heat it up to very warm in nuker and rub in good. Then work it in with your breaker blade. Wait a couple hours and work again. This will help considerably.
Dan K

Thank You Dan!

This response submitted by Keith on 10/2/01. ( )

I appriciate your answer! I will give it a try.

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