Submitted by IVAN R. FACKRELL on 10/2/01. ( FACKRELLIVAN@AOL.COM )

I have been looking at two mini fleshers they are the Fancy Flesher,and the Mini Flesher. If anyone has experience with them I would appreciate a run down on them. Which is fastest,Which is easiest to use, Which is the best for my use.

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bigger better

This response submitted by b.s.rhea on 10/3/01. ( )

Ivan when I first got into taxidermy i purchased a mini flesher.Big mistake I had been using a knife and beam to flesh my green capes,thought the mini flesher would be easier boy was i wrong.If you think you can flesh a green cape with one FORGET IT.Since then I have purchased a portable flesher from authentic supply.You would not believe how easy and quickly you can completly flesh a raw skin(deer)If you plan on doing taxidermy for a while ,a full size fleshing machine is one of the best investments you can buy.

Same here

This response submitted by Peter Spacek on 10/4/01. ( spacekpeter@hotmail.com )

I also puchased a mini flesher and guess what, it's for sale if you're interesed. However, I tried fleshing a deer cape with it and it's OK if you want to remove the large fat and muscle tissue deposits left from skinning the process, but don't even think of shaving the cape with it, which I think you're after if you're planning to mount deer. You will be better of purchasing a full size fleshing machine. I now have the "Quebec Lite" fleshing machine and I would strongly recomend it. I purchased the head unit for $375 and I used an electric motor I had sitting at home.

Which is the Best

This response submitted by Robert on 10/28/01. ( )

The best fleshing knife I have found is the Necker Knife. It is still the old hand method with a beam and knive but this tool does a slick job . It's light and easy to use. Robert - 10/28/01

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