Please, Fast response needed? Freezer burned beaver!

Submitted by C@R on 10/28/01. ( )

Just unthawed 3 beavers and all three have freezer burn on them. My friend brought them to me and i have no idea how long they have been in the freezer? Is there a way to save them? I would appreciate any info. Thank you for any responses and thanks to all who have responded in the past. Chad

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 10/28/01. ( )

Warm water, bacteracide, some downy or other fabric softner. Inject into the burnt areas. In minutes it will rehydrate.

Besides that if you unthawed it it would be still frozen. You thaw things out. I know I'm being a smart A$$ LOL Good luck Chad

Frozen Beaver

This response submitted by Leo on 10/28/01. ( )

Next time tell your friends to keep her panties on so her beaver doesn't freeze !

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