Wet tans.

Submitted by Jeff on 10/3/01. ( jeffw76@yahoo.com )

Can a wet tanned skin be thawed when I get it to measure and then put back in the freezer for a couple of months? I've never used a wet tan before and I'm not the fastest taxidermist in the world. One more question, Are most African capes wet tanned? Thanks for your help.


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Hi Jeff

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/4/01. ( )

Hey, dont make the mistake of making taxidermy too difficult! Why wouldnt you be able to refreeze that cape? Use your noggin, my friend and youll do just fine. If a guy receives a wet tan cape, and throws it in the freezer, its refrozen just like yours, right? SURE it is, and it wont hurt it. Go ahead and measure it, check it for whatever you need to, then wrap it well and freeze it. Take your time and do your best. See, now that was a breeze, wasnt it? Good luck, Jeff!

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