DOW Inspection Tags?

Submitted by Chad on 10/7/01. ( )

Here in Colorado we have to get our bears tagged by DOW. I don't know about the other states. If anybody could tell me how long does this seal have to be attached to the bear and do I send it with the bear when it goes to the tannery or just cut it off? Thank you for any information.

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"Most" States

This response submitted by George on 10/7/01. ( )

call these 'transport' tags and they are used until the animal is buchered and the hide is processed by taxidermists. You can remove the tag at the time you begin processing the hide and keep it along with recording it for your records while you complete the work and provide it back to the hunter when the mount is complete. The tanneries do not want these tags left attached as they would be dissolved by the acids or alter the chemistry of the solution. I used the term "most" since some states, especially Pennsylvania, never saw a game law they couldn't adopt to make life miserable that they didn't like. Best bet is to contact the subject state YOU are in and find what their policy is. That's the only state you need to worry about when you get the cape or hide.


This response submitted by jim marsico on 10/7/01. ( )

Pa. has nothing on here in Wyo. I attach the Wyo. interstate game tag thru a portion of the foot pad on bears, lions etc. before they go to the tannery; but ask your tannery about it and if they dont want it attached ask for WRITTEN permission from your game warden to do something else. You know, like the afgan taxidermists do in Kaboul. Bow and obey.

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