Low temp ok for pickling?

Submitted by Amy on 10/7/01. ( amyritchie101@yahoo.com )

Right now I am pickling a small skin using Safetee Acid. I am keeping the solution outside in my storage building, and in the night it gets to about 50F. Is this too cold of a temperature to pickle at? I would bring the mixture inside, but my mom is sort of wierd about things like this and said she doesn't want chemicals in her house! (Even though I told her it was SAFETY acid, lol!). Anyways, I would appreciate an answer to this question because I can't seem to find anything about what temps to keep a pickle at!

P.S. I do know that my tanning mixture needs to be kept at room temp; so I will be keeping it in a warmer area!

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Keep it 55 or higher!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/7/01. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Hi Amy - keep your pickling solution at 55 degress or higher - otherwise the Salt will begin to drop out of solution and you'll lose its protection. The salt prevents acid swelling in the skins - when they are in the presence of an acid. Preferably its best to pickle at 65-75 degrees Fahrenhiet.

Also - yes - Safety Acid is a relatively safe acid - but treat it like any other acid - it's still acidic, just like vinegar, and if it werent acidic it wouldnt do such a great job pickling. Like other acids, wear gloves and treat it with respect.

Thanks Bruce!

This response submitted by Amy on 10/8/01. ( )

Thanks for letting me know; I finally got my mom to let me keep the mixture inside. And just in time, too -- it got down to freezing temps last night!

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