Protal -- add water or not?

Submitted by Amy on 10/8/01. ( )

I just recieved some Protal tanning oil, and I've got a question.

When I'm ready to oil the skin, should I add water to the heated oil?

The oil came with instructions, which didn't mention adding water. So maybe I'm not supposed to. I just wanted to make sure, because I know other oils like Rittel's Pro Plus oil are supposed to be mixed with water.


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Just follow

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 10/8/01. ( )

The directions. Each oil out there or the manufacture has there own way on how their product should be used. It can get quite confusing cause this product calls for this and this one says this. Neither is right or wrong.

Most products out there that are from known tanning specialists (like Rittels and Knobloch's) have studied and tested a product. They do feel that this is the best way to use a certain oil or on how to tan a hide. So don't get confused or mixed up because this company says do this and another says do this. Each one has it's own qualities. Sorry for blabbing


This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply on 10/9/01. ( )

The answer is "Yes"! Add 2 parts HOT water to every 1 part oil.
Have a great day to all,


This response submitted by Amy on 10/10/01. ( )

Thanks Dave...

I think whoever is in charge of printing the information sheets should mention that it needs water added. The sheet simply says to warm the oil and apply; if I hadn't asked, I would have probably applied the pure oil to the skin!

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