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Bruce i have a fox tanned with E-Z 100 for a rug. The problem is I mounted the head form and stretched it and I have a green mold appearing on it. Even after dry. What can I do to rid the hide of the mold . Will it go away when dry this has stumped me never had it happen before. Give me some clues.Thanks

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Sounds like mildew!

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I have to assume that the mold you mention is on the flat portion of the rug and not the head - or at least if it is in the head - you cant see it. This is something that can be treated with a bacteriacide/Fungicide. First you need to get it out of the area its in, and try to wash it away away using a sponge and soapy water. If its persistent you can even try sandpapering the area to remove it. After its removed - then sponge it with a Bacteriacide/Fungicide and let it soak in for 1-2 hours, then soak up the excess using sawdust and blow it off. Then - you can continue to dry it. But - like I said in the beginning - I'd take it to a drier area until its dried. Then stake it soft. The problem is the area you now use probably has high humidity and the slow drying rate because of it allows the mold to grow. If you're stuck with this area - then at least use a fan blowing on the skin as it dries and hopefully it will accelerate the drying process.


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Thanks for your help kind of thought thats what I should do but your knowledge renforced that.

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