How do you de-hair a hide?

Submitted by Amy on 12/2/01. ( )

I need to know exactly how to do it..

Like, what chemicals are needed?
How long do you soak the hide in the chemicals?
Do you pickle the skin first?

etc. etc. .. I really need to know this! I have tanned several skins with EZ-Tan so I know how to tan.. I just don't know how to dehair!

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Lime them!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/2/01. ( )

Lime then using 8 Ozs. of fresh "Hydrated Lime" to each 1 gallon of Water. put them in fresh after relaxing them, and they are relaxed. Do not pickle them first that comes afterwards. Leave them in the lime solution for 4-9 days. Pull them only when the hair falls out "at your touch"! No sooner!

After liming them, they are usually soaked in water for 6-10 hours, and rinsed, and then placed in a lime killing solution solution with a Bate in it to eat the fats. I like to use Ammonium Sulphate to kill the lime - leave them in it overnight.

After killing the action of the lime, rinse, and place in your pickle prior to tanning. Shave them from the pickle and process them similiar to a hair-on skin.


This response submitted by Wava on 12/3/01. ( )

...Don't forget the gloves with THIS one! :)

DE-hairing hides

This response submitted by Ron Z on 1/1/02. ( )

I tan deer hides using a method I read about in a bukskinners
book.First,soak the hides in a solution of dehydrated lime water.
Your going to have to weight down the hides,deer hair is hollow
and they float.When the hair falls out with a gentle touch, your
ready to rock.I use a homemade 2 handled knife made of wood,NO
sharp edges to mark the hide.Then just soak the hide in venegar
water for about 48 hours and your good to go.

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