How to Brain tan

Submitted by Ron Z on 1/2/02. ( )

I recently began brain tanning,and would like to hear from
anyone who has tried this method of making soft leathers.I read a few
books on the subject and have modified a few of them to meet my
needs,but am unsure of the softners of today mixing with the manuel
methods of yesterday.Also,if the WASCO Flesh-All mini shaver can
be used to thin the thicker portions of deer hides to get a more
uniform thickness of the tanned hide.

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This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 1/2/02. ( )

There is a wealth of information at this website:
including a user's forum for braintan questions and discussions.

Taxidermists do not generally use brain tans, as it does not produce a leather with the qualities needed for mounting animals.

Good luck!

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