What's the Difference?

Submitted by Bill on 1/2/02. ( slipclan@mindspring.com )

I've read post in the archives about the difference between "tanning" and "fur dressing". Is there a difference between "fur dressing" and "garmet tanning"? I have a customer that wants to make a coat out of coyote skins, do I send them to my usual tannery?

Thanks for any imput you may have.

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In This Case....

This response submitted by Old Fart on 1/2/02. ( )

....you may be better off finding a tanner that does fur just for the garmet industry. Not that the job will be better but since they are not preparing for a mount it may be cheaper. A taxidermy fur dresser takes extra care on the head and other features that are important in a mount. You will pay more for this without really needing it done to your skins.

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