pickle bath

Submitted by Walter Heatherly on 1/4/02. ( waltjeri@yahoo.com )

How long can I leave deer capes in a pickle bath of BascalS and vinegar,I also added 1/8 oz. of bascryl NU BK per. gal. of water.

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I don't add any bacteriacide to the pickle!

This response submitted by Big Al on 1/4/02. ( )

Bear in mind, I freshened the pickle after a few days and
pre-degreased (will degrease post-pickle)...but I have
a beaver, coon and fox happily swimming in a vinegar pickle
for a few months now....never had a problem....
just make sure they're well fleshed of all the crap!

Years, I have had several hides

This response submitted by John C on 1/4/02. ( )

Several years ago I thought "Lets just see how long a hide can last without any damage happening. Well deer, elk, bear, coyote can stay in this seemingly forever, I hold the pH at 2.0 one bear piece has a lot of meat left on it just to see and the hair is still fine. This experiment started back in 1996.

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