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Submitted by Mick on 1/6/02. ( )

After reading in the archives there was a post about your ph going to 3 after the first day the said it was ok if you had bacteriacide. I used my bacteriacide in cold water as my capes were thawing is this ok or do I need to add it to the pickle, also do you need to have cape completly submerged they want to float can you lay something on them to keep them from floating up?

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The pickle dont need any bacteriacide.

This response submitted by John C on 1/6/02. ( )

A properly maitaned pickle don't any bacteriacide. I too thaw my capes in water as I feel it speed the thawing. I chnge the water a couple times, I dont have any slippage doing this, have been told I would but in 20 odd years it aint happened yet. I also unroll the capes as they thaw, this too speeds the thawing.

I worked for aonther taxidermist last year for a time, he always had problems with slippage, even using some bacteriacides. he would not listen to what I tried to tell him on thawing and drying. I did my work my way and did not have any problems he still thought I was wrong, 2 or 3 of every five deerheads he did had slipping problems.

Instead of bacteriacide in the water how about a hand full of aluiminum sulphate. It to kills the bacteria.

Let the floaters float!

This response submitted by Bucksnort on 1/6/02. ( )

I had the same ? last year,I asked Bruce Rittel about it,he said not to worry about the capes floating,just make sure you stir couple times a day,also keep ph at 1.0 to 1.5 prior to putting capes in then check about 1/2 hr.later and adjust if need be then.
Good Luck .

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