What happen (Grey fox)

Submitted by Dave on 1/6/02. ( )

Took in a grey fox. Salted it down for 48 hours-rehydrated it in 1pound of salt one gallon of water and 1/8 ounce of basacryl nb-ku until rehydrated.Put in saftee acid pickle for 3 days. neutralize in baking soda for 15 min and towel dried. Started to flesh out and ready to put in tumbler to get rest of mosture out before tanning I had a lot of fur come out. Fox is junk! What went wrong? Had a proplem with a red fox before too.Done a lot of small game with no proplem what went wrong? Need your help before I screw up somthing else.

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Why bother to rehydrate after only 48 hours?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/6/02. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Salting the fox and leaving it lay in Salt for only 48 hours isnt very long, and its extremely doubtful it ever dried - so why rehydrate it? You would only rehydrate it if you let it dry hard - which is what you should have done!

Drying tightens the fur roots! Thats why you salt it - so the salt draws out the unwanted fluids and helps it dry faster! If you dont let it dry out - you can expect trouble. This is true of Foxes and Bears!

Then after its completely dried - thats the time to rehydrate it and pickle it.

Bruce Rittel

thanks bruce

This response submitted by coontrap on 12/09/2002. ( kendall isaacs @msn.com )

had same problem as dave, followed your advise and my fox
came out great. Thanks.

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