Formic acid strength % ?

Submitted by Jim on 1/7/02. ( )

I am running out of Formic Acid, which was given to me by a freind.
I want to get new supply and I am not sure what % formic I should buy.
A freind knows a supplier and has strengths from 98% and down.

What percent formic should i get?

Thanks, Jim

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75% or higher

This response submitted by JOhn C on 1/7/02. ( )

Ihave seen some very weak solutions out there. So get the highesr you can find.

I used 85%!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/7/02. ( )

I used to use 85% and had very good results. I mixed it 0.9 fl .ozs. of 85% Formic Acid, and 1 Lb. of Salt to each 1 gallon of Water used. The PH was about 2.2-2.5!

Bruce Rittel


This response submitted by Jim on 1/7/02. ( )

Thanks for your help guys.

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