What is considered "big chunks of meat" ? PRE SALTING

Submitted by Jeff on 1/7/02. ( )

I plan on Liqua Tanning a couple of deer hides for mounting, and according to the instructions: Before salting, only remove the big chunks of meat at this time. I have turned the ears, split the lips and the eyelids. There is still quite a bit of meat around the lips and nostrils(oh yea split those too). How much of that meat do I remove before salting. According to the archives, it seems that I need to let the skin dry Flint hard before rehydrating then pickle. That's what I'm concerned about; the meat around the lips and nostrils for so long. Hope I made since.

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Just get the salt on!

This response submitted by Dave Hammond on 1/7/02. ( the-hammonds@msn.com )

The reason you need to get the salt on, is to avoid slippage. Big chunks are just that. The flesh that is left in the areas that are split will come off better (at least for me) once the salt has "firmed it up" a bit. That is part of the Fleshing Pricessss. I use a mini-flesher, and find that after the cape has been in the salt for about 8 hours, I can flesh it sown real nice, then I salt it again. When I tan myself, I dont let it get "flint Hard", just good and stiff. If you are sending it to a tanner, if you have the main meat of the skin, and all the truning is done, dry it flint hard. Shipping will be less, and you wont have to worry about it going bad. The tanner will flesh and shave the rest of it down for you.

I know this is long, but hang with me a bit more.
If you are very fast, you can take the extra flesh off the face before the salt.

If you do a great job of fleshing and thining the face before it goes to the tanner, you make a friend at the tanner, and you get a better job back, generally.

Hope it clears it up for you!


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