New Methos Fur Dressing Company

Submitted by N. McLaury on 1/9/02. ( )

Hi...I'm looking for New Method's address / phone number...Thanks!

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Here you are !

This response submitted by Tim on 1/11/02. ( )

New Method 131 south Beacon st. South San Francisco, Ca 94080
Ph. (650) 583-9881 Fax (650) 742-1075 Ü Tim


This response submitted by chris on 3/15/02. ( )

how much for a bear hide? how much a linear foot? if i was going to send a hide would it need to be frozen or does it have to be salted,fleshed, and dryed? Also if it was to be sent frozen whats the best way to send it (through UPS or what)?

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