Deer Leather Tanneries ?

Submitted by Jerry Taylor on 1/9/02. ( )

I am looking for a place that tans deer hides and makes items (jackets, gloves, etc) from the leather.

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Uber Tanning and Glove Co.

This response submitted by Old Fart on 1/9/02. ( )

They are located in Owatonna Minnesota. I don't have the phone number anymore but I know that they are still there..

W. B. Place in Hartford, Wisconsin

This response submitted by Bryan B. on 1/9/02. ( )

You might want to try W. B. Place in Hartford, Wisconsin. Go to their web site at

tanned deerskin

This response submitted by eric on 08/31/2002. ( )

I can help to tan deerskins and make items as well. If you are still interested, please e-mail to me. I will give you more details.


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