hair loose in rehydrated skins

Submitted by Herman Parker on 1/10/02. ( )

I have rehydrated some flint hard salted hides to go in a formic
pickle. When I rehydrate the skins the hair gets somewhat loose.
I placed them in the formic pickle and today they seem to be tightened back up. Just wanted to know if this was a common
problem and can I expect these skins to do ok. When I rehydrate
I use a brine solution with the recommended amount of Basacryl
and Rittels relaxer.

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Next time...........

This response submitted by Dave B. on 1/10/02. ( )

.......try it with out the Basacryl.1-1 1/2 lbs. of salt per every gallon of water.
Ultrasoft Relaxer works great for relaxing. No salt or bactericide needed. Just add to luke warm water. 2 oz per gallon is all thats needed

Have a good day,

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