shaving problem

Submitted by jim on 1/12/02. ( )

Im using an auto tanner with tanning crystals, and have had
good results until here lately. recently my hides seem to tan well
but arnt rising to allow proper shaving, Im thinking maybe
the shelf life on the crystals have expired Ive had them since
jun of 2000, my ph is at 3. previously when using my quebec lite
i got an even 2-3 wide shave now its just shaving narrow strips
thank for any input.

jim k

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could be a problem with your sharpening

This response submitted by gerry on 1/13/02. ( )

Hi Jim,

Could be your using your wright hand sharpener at to much of an angle, half a degree is enough. To correct, use your left hand sharpener at a greater angle upwards. You could also try bringing your guards back a little.


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