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I was told to salt my capes with stock salt. (For Animals). The first bag I bought was coarse grained. But, it worked. So I bought a second bag that was more fine grained. The capes are drying pretty good on the second round now. I got to thinking. It doesn't say Iodized or De-Iodized. Do I need to start saving money for new capes. Also what is Sal Soda used for? I went to store and they looked at me like I was crazy When I asked for this.

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Its fine, ask for mixing salt.

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Normally the feed stores sell two kinds, the course ans you have found out and mixing salt the fine grain salt. Ask for mixing salt, its finer grain and works a little better.

You will not find sal soda at the feed store. Go look in the laundry section at the grocery store almost any of the powdered laundry soaps will work. They are pretty much the stuff.

Term Vary

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My feedstore calls the fine granulated salt all-purpose salt. Non iodized salt is generally cheaper, but iodized will work.

Sal Soda

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Hey DMose

I don't know about the rest of these guys, but I have not been able to find this Sal Soda AKA washing soda (Arm & Hammer) anywhere around here. (TN) I ended up getting some from Dixieland Taxidermy in Somerville, TN I went to about 15 or more stores asking for washing soda and NO ONE had a clue about this. Just wondering if this is only found up north. Also, got the soda for $3.55. I used the sal soda for making European mounts.....

Tide, Era, Fab etc.

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I get the same results for those above mentioned product, using them for the same purpose. Store clerk dont know squat, they come put out goods to be solf and go home.Same for store managers, they have one thing on their mind end of year profit, because they rely on the bonus to as part of the wages they earn.

Look up chemical companies on the net and e-mail them to find it.

Down south the 50lb bags of salt are termed mixing salt.

It's a WASCO thing

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WASCO sells the "Sal Soda". It's used for boiling skulls clean.

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