to tan or not to tan

Submitted by Jim A on 1/12/02. ( )

In the Breakthrough Whitetail Taxidermy manual, Garry and wendy senks
formula for the formic acid tan does not call for any type of tanning
agent to be applied to the skin after the pickeling process. My ? is this,
are tanning agents such as liqua-tan necessary or is this just a marketing
thing. Buy the way, Ive mounted around 40 to 50 gameheads including
moose and elk this way and they turn out great. some are over 10 years

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Formic is not a tan its a pickle

This response submitted by JOhn C on 1/12/02. ( )

I know many taxidermist that pickle this way. then paint on LIQA-TAN and have for many years. If you read close in the book, I think you may have missed the Liqua-Tan application.


This response submitted by John W. on 1/14/02. ( )

TO John C., Gary and Wendy did not use a tanning agent ,plus they ran their pickle at a PH level that would make you have a fit, I have the same manual,so Jim A. DID READ IT RIGHT.

I guess what I'm asking is,

This response submitted by Jim A on 1/15/02. ( )

is this a suitable wy to prepare skins for taxidermy purposes. I was
taught this way buy a respected taxidermist in my area who also only
pickels and then oils his skins. Why spend more on tanning agents if
there not needed. However in the Jonas mannual volume two, they say
that you can simply add lutan f directly to the pickle and get a good "tan". Please don't
get me wrong here. Quality is the most important thing here, however,
keeping cost low without sacraficing quality is important as well.

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