Not Enough Time!

Submitted by Chris on 1/13/02. ( )

I work, on the average, 80 to 90 hours a week. My puestion is after I have thawed my capes out, I may only have a few hours each evening to work on them. In between working on them, I put them in a plastic bag and refridgerate. I usualy have every thing split, and fleshed in less than a week, so the cape may be in the fridge for sometimes up to three or four times. I have only mounted seven deer and they seem to be turning out o.k. Am I only getting lucky or is what I'm doing o.k. Thank you for any help.

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This response submitted by George on 1/13/02. ( )

I'm afraid you're just getting lucky. Refrigeration does not stop bacterial growth on green hides. (Ask my wife what was in that Tupperware bowl that was once beef stew. I bet it was a cure to some illness somewhere.) I seldom let them stay over a single night in the fridge, two is absolutely the most.

Freeze flat

This response submitted by jim Marsico on 1/14/02. ( )

Sometimes I'll lay a cape out flat in my freezer on top a plastic bag; it will thaw out in about a hour and I feel safe about in and outing it when I'm running behind. Refrid is a big gamble to take esp. on other folks capes. Remember no one on a death bed says they wish they had more time for work.

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