My cat shrunk 2 inches!

Submitted by Scott on 1/14/02. ( )

I was getting ready to mount a 32 inch bobcat last night and noticed that the belly went from 19 inches to about 17 inches.I pulled and stretched and tugged and I cannot get it to go back to 19 to fit my form.Should I rewet and try to stretch it more?

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more info

This response submitted by Len on 1/14/02. ( )

Hi Scott, I don't know where you got the 32" from. Carcass, geen skin, tanned skin ? You should take a measurement off the tanned hide and take the belly measruement first, and with the belly still outwards, take the body length measurement. You will have a lot less problems. Also, if a tanned hide, you should add a softening oil like Rittel's Pro-plus and apply to the tanned hide to get the original stretch back in it. A lot of taxidermists like to go bigger with a form, but a lot of the time bigger is not better. Good luck.

I did that

This response submitted by Scott on 1/15/02. ( )

I measured from the tip of the nose,down the back to the base of the tail.I took the belly measurement from mid way around the belly and pulled it snug.I am wondering if I didn't apply enough oil.

Belly measurement first

This response submitted by Len on 1/15/02. ( lgums@powercom )

Scott, I do a lot of lifesize mammals and always measure the belly first, and while the belly is still being held outwards, I then take the nose to tail measurement. Generally I have found that if you get the belly correct, the leg measurements are a lot closer to fitting and it is a lot easier to lengthen the form then it is to widened it. A bobcat hide will not need much oil to stretch. Otherwise order a smaller form. Good luck.

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