mixing salt?

Submitted by frank on 1/14/02. ( )

Can i use mixing salt in my pickle or tan rather than the normal non-
iodized salt? Or is it the same stuff? thanks frank

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This response submitted by b bishop on 1/14/02. ( bishops@newnorth.net )

I buy mine in bulk at feed stores in the fine grain . I am not sure what " mixing " means for salt grades but should be okay.

Mixing salt does not contain Iodine.

This response submitted by John C on 1/14/02. ( )

Iodized salt will say so, somewhere on the bag.


This response submitted by GEOFFORY on 1/16/02. ( KKANDERS@SILVERSTAR.COM )

Hi Frank,

The term "mixing" simply refers to how course the salt is ground. Mixing salt is nearly as finely ground
as table salt. It works very well for salting skins and mixing in solutions. John is correct. Any other additives such as iodine
will be well marked on the package analysis label.

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