Submitted by al glockner on 1/15/02. ( alfred.t.glockner@verizon.net )

would appreciate if anyone knowing the whereabouts of a tannery somewhere around massachusetts or surrounding states would respond.i'm looking to get some deer,moose and elk tanned with the hair off for leather.thank you

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New York State has several

This response submitted by Ret Soor on 1/17/02. ( retsoornj1@hotmail.com )

Send me your phone # and I'll get you the names. Ret.

tannery in Michigan

This response submitted by sissy on 12/02/2002. ( sissy_howard@hotmail.com )

I just shot my first deer,a doe. I was disapointed that I wasn't able to get any meat from her as we believe she had been hit by a car or injured in some other way because here meat was green and the oder was really bad on her, she also was missing a eye. I wanted to get something from my first deer and was wondering if there was some place in or close to Michigan that I could either take or send my hyde. I am very limited on money. I need to do something soon because I don't want the hyde to go bad(being kept frozen).

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