Moose Bell Concerns

Submitted by Mark C on 1/16/02. ( )

Got a real nice, old moose in here with a bell that is 18" long. Don"t know if this is normal or not, I really couldn't believe it when I saw it but anyway, I am a bit concerned about sending this to the tannery. All that I have seen have been 6" - 10" long and have been handled without a problem but this bell does get rather skinny so I am a little concerned about the shaving at a tannery. Of course I have split it but, I am looking for opinions on whether or not I should remove the bell and salt and tan as a separate item to prevent any possible damage that may occur at the tannery.
Your advice is valued as always and I appreciate any opinions or experiences anyone is willing to share.
Mark C

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good idea

This response submitted by JEM on 1/16/02. ( )

Mark, if it were me I would remove it and tan it myself - send the cape out without the bell. That is a very long bell, should look pretty neat when you're done.

no problem

This response submitted by jim marsico on 1/16/02. ( )

Ive seen alot of bells like that over my 30 years in taxidermy and I've never worried a minute or had problems sending the capes to a GOOD tannery. They are professionals and should be considered as such.

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