Submitted by David Crookall, President on 1/17/02. ( )

We have been away from for a few days due to sicknesses and short hospital stay. We have been
distributing BASF Leather Chemicals exclusively for BASF Leather Dep't. to their small volume customers in the U.S. for
the last three years. We market directly to suppliers who want to carry the BASF products, (as well as the full SENTRY
line.) if they so choose. They are all supplied with Technical and Safety Data Sheets on each product. Individual
Taxidermists, Tanners, Furriers and others can also order from SENTRY directly if they are not a "Suppliers"
"Protected" account.
We missed the initial question about BASACRYL so do not know which BASACRYL designation is being referred to. If
anyone would call our 800-868-1454 number, or send us an E-Mail, asking us the exact question, giving us the full BASF
product name, we will be glad to respond directly and through this wonderful professional sight.
To all of the serious people who frequent this sight; know that you are part of the backbone of this great nation. Don't
ever give up to the Nay sayers or those who would try to take your freedoms away. The freedom to become professional
Taxidermists, to conduct your business the way you choose and the freedom to have this Forum where we can all openly
ask and express our views is a most sacred freedom.
LET'S ROLL. God bless you all and AMERICA.

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give up to the nay sayers?

This response submitted by Larry on 1/18/02. ( )

how bout just telling us if the damn stuff works?!

Yes go look at the Taxidermy Industry section

This response submitted by Mark on 1/19/02. ( )

Yes the stuff works, I have even used about 8 oz of the stuff to
3 gallons of hide paste put a lide on it for a week took the lid off
and no mold......Go look at the posting under The Taxidermy Industry


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