Degreasing? Protect the Customer.

Submitted by Dave Crookall on 1/17/02. ( )

Jan. 17,2002
You should always do your best to protect the health and safety of yourself, your workers and your family. With this in
mind, you don't need to use or store dangerous solvents and other products in your workplace. In current technology,
Gasoline should never be used or stored inside a building unless it is in an explosion proof, positive preasure exhaust
hood. Even then, it is not covered by your fire insurance policy unless specificly approved by your local fire dep't. and
the insurance policy. Mineral Spirits are not as dangerous because it has a higher flash point, but here again, fumes can
accumilate and be explosive under certain conditions and cause health problems.
In today's technology, neither gasoline or mineral spirits should be used in the confines of a building. INSTEAD, we
recommend the use of "DEGREAZ-IT" and "STRIPZ-IT" products made in concentrated bases and/or waterbased that
are not flammable, degrease very well and when used as directed, do not produce dangerous vapors. These are available
from your regular supplier and can be sampled from SENTRY by calling 1-800-868-1454.
Good luck but most of all, protect life, yours.

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Hey Dave

This response submitted by Doug on 1/17/02. ( )

Hey Dave,
Will the degreaser work on fish, or is intended for mammal skins?
I do big salmon and lake trout, and they are very oily. I've been using a 50/50 solution of denatured alcohol & water and then a wash in Dawn detergent on the big fish skins. I've even wiped them with acetone prior to mounting to remove oils. Still, like everyone else, I'm always interested in a more effective

Dave, think you were looking for the furniture section.

This response submitted by John C on 1/17/02. ( )

That a duh, only the smallest of taxidermist would not know that. Since we older taxidermist do post the dangers on a regular basis.

My questions are how will striptiz work on ducks geese and turkeys?

Is it designed for animal fats? or is this the same crap I quit using to srtip paint because it dont work?

I dont allow customers near the work area.

This response submitted by John C on 1/18/02. ( )

Since we are not dealing with a article that is handled on a daily basis, and once returned to the customer, just what he does with it may consitute use outside the lines of determined use. I would think most taxidermist are safe as are thier clients. If a client decides to eat a deehead, we cannot stop him or where he chooses to place it, we cant control it. and residual fumes are less than 50 ppm, we pretty much have a customer safe industry.

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